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IBM PC XT 8-bit ISA Bus Raiser Extender Card


I have originally designed this backplane for few of my projects, but this turn out so well, that I have offered PCB's for minimum price for my fellow enthusiast such as yourself :)
You can use these card in industry standard ISA 8-bit slot to raise card above motherboard for easier access and protyping. Card has standard 2x31pin connectors with 45° chamfered edge for easy insertion and comes with industry standard 62pin (2x31pin ISA Bus edge connector).

These boards look absolutely gorgeous in standard green solder mask if you going for that standard industrial look. I can advise you where to buy PCB Edge connector.

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IBM PC XT 8-bit ISA Bus Raiser Extender Card
IBM PC XT 8-bit ISA Bus Raiser Extender Card

Purchase item

... but if you feel like getting something for nothing isn't your cup of tea (completely understandable) (ಥ﹏ಥ) and a prefer to support me and get something back in return, then you please purchase this item directly from my on my eBay shop (click on FleaBay logo above). However if you are still up for an adventure (and are happy to have PCB's made yourself in your favourite PCB house - JLCPCB is recommended), then carry on and download gerber files further down. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Board Type: Prototype Board
Board Material: FR4-Standard Tg 130-140C Epoxy Glass Composite
Layers: Double sided
PCB Colour: Green colour solder mask, no screen lettering
Surface Finish: Lead free HASL-RoHS
External size: 142 x 97mm bare PCB; 156x97mm including connector
Board Thickness: standard 1.6mm fits in standard 8-bit ISA card slot either way
Board Connector / Footprint: 62pin 2x31pin ISA Bus connector with 45° chamfered edge, 2x31pin PCB edge card connector
Copper Thickness: 35um
Card weight: 60g

Bill of materials

Identifier Value Qty Notes
Printed Circuit Board 8bit ISA raiser PCB 142 x 97 mm 2 Layer FR4 1 v1.2
Connector 2x31pin 62pin PCB edge right angle connector 0.1" pitch 1

Assembly instructions and notes

for 45° chamfered edge use option Gold Fingers and 45°finger chamfered option when sending PCB to matufacture.
To fit nicely 2x31pin PCB edge card connector you need to bend legs inwards by pusing againts hard flat surface, repeat for both sides untill you have nice evenly bend legs
To solder PCB edge connector you need to pack up end of card so that PCB edge connector isnt' pissed. Solder one pin from each end first and carry on further if connector is staright.
Use a temperature-controlled soldering station and quality solder. Take care not to leave solder bridges as any short circuit will most likely lead to failures


File type File name File size Last modified
ISA 8bit extender Schematic v1.0 schematic_isa8bitextender_v10.pdf 83 kB 20/06/2021
ISA 8bit extender Schematic v1.0 schematic_isa8bitextender_v10.jpg 154 kB 20/06/2021

Design Files

File type File name File size Last modified
PCB layers v1.2 pcb_layers_8bit_isa_v12.pdf 136 kB 18/10/2021
Gerbers 142 x 97 mm, 2 Layer FR4; v1.2 63 kB 18/10/2021


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IBM PC XT 8-bit ISA Bus Raiser Extender Card
IBM PC XT 8-bit ISA Bus Raiser Extender Card
IBM PC XT 8-bit ISA Bus Raiser Extender Card
IBM PC XT 8-bit ISA Bus Raiser Extender Card

Versions and revisions

This section lists the project version and revision history.


■ Increase size of PCB from 100 to 142 mm so that it raise card nicely in standard PC case.
■ Solder mask adjusted on PCB edge card connector side to make it easy to solder.
■ Silkscreen updates

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