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LPRO101 & FE5680 Rubidium frequency standards

@Blog 06 June 2023

Homebrew Atomic frequency standard

Ready to step up game with that next project? Glad you've asked :)
Rubidium frequency standards Datum LPRO-101 and FE-5680A for that nice warm homebrew atomic frequency standard Rubidium standard @ Wikipedia.

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Comparision of 3 rubidium frequency standards, 2x LPRO-101 and 1x Datum FE-5680A. LPRO101 & FE5680 DIY Rubidium frequency standards
LPRO101 & FE5680 DIY Rubidium frequency standards
DIN41612 3U 20HP Schroff enclosure for LPRO-101
LPRO101 & FE5680 DIY Rubidium frequency standards

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