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Eurocard DIN41612 3U Prototyping board PCB card 220 x 100mm


I have originally designed this PCB for few of my project, but this turn out so well that I have now posted all schematic, gerber files and documentation to fellow enthusiast such as yourself. Perhaps (and I hope) content in this obscured corner of interwebs will inspire you to start your own projects.

Eurocard is a European standard format for printed circuit board (PCB) cards that can be plugged together into a standard chassis sub-rack which, in turn, can be mounted in a 19-inch rack. The chassis consists of a series of slotted card guides on the top and bottom, into which the cards are slid so they stand on end, like books on a shelf. At the spine of each card is one or more connectors which plug into mating connectors on a backplane that closes the rear of the chassis.

Eurocards system in generally is enormously versatile for all kinds of projects thanks to standardized mechanical dimensions and quality connectors. Eurocards PCB's come in many sizes (wikipedia article). This is single height most common size 3U single height x 160mm card. I have also designed 3U Prototyping board PCB card 160 x 100mm if you require bigger prototype card. You can use these card in industry standard DIN subrack or Eurorack. Card will fit nicely in PCB guide rails with front panel Eurorack if you wish to use one.

Card has been designed to be very versatile and you can fit DIN connectors each side if you wish or DIN connector / Eurorack front panel configuration.
Card can also be stacked with others (use standard 2.5mm / 3.00m diameter PCB spacer and simply just prototype your project on them.
These boards look absolutely gorgeous in standard green solder mask if you going for that standard industrial look. I can advise you where to buy connector and front panel holder.

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EDA preview

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Eurocard DIN41612 3U Prototyping board PCB card 220 x 100mm
Eurocard DIN41612 3U Prototyping board PCB card 220 x 100mm
3d render v1.0
Eurocard DIN41612 3U Prototyping board PCB card 220 x 100mm
PCB design layout
Eurocard DIN41612 3U Prototyping board PCB card 220 x 100mm
Eurocard DIN41612 3U Prototyping board PCB card 220 x 100mm


Board Type: Prototype Board
Board Material: FR4-Standard Tg 130-140C Epoxy Glass Composite
Layers: Double sided
PCB Colour: Green colour solder mask, white silk screen lettering
Surface Finish: Lead free HASL-RoHS
External size: 220x100mm
Board Thickness: standard 1.6mm fits in standard guide rail and standard Eurocard front panel
Pitch: 2.54mm (100.00 mils)
Hole matrix: 82 x 36 holes, Prototyping 2944 holes + 96 holes for DIN connector (3040 holes in total)
Hole size: 1.00mm
Mounting holes: Standard pitch DIN 41612. 4x mounting holes 2.50mm / 3.00mm
Board Connector / Footprint: DIN 41612 2x32pin or 3x32pin 64 / 96 Pin connector
Copper Thickness: 35um
Card weight: 66g

Bill of materials

Identifier Value Qty Notes
Printed Circuit Board 220 x 100 mm DIN41612 3U prototyping card 1 v1.0
Hardware M2.5 x 10mm screw 2
Hardware M2.5 nut 2
Connector Female DIN 41612 96pin 3x32pin right angle connector 1
Connector Female DIN 41612 64pin 2x32pin right angle connector 1 2nd alternative use
Connector 2x32pin 64pin PCB edge right angle connector 0.1" pitch 1 3rd alternative use

Assembly instructions and notes

Gerber files contain " JLCJLCJLCJLC" to silk layer. You can specify a location of the order number, select the "Specify a location" option when you place an order. Only if you order via JLCPCB
Fit Female and Male DIN 41612 96pin 3x32pin right angle connector or alternatives you wish to use
Use M2.5 screws and nuts to hold DIN connectors in place, thse don't need to be fitted to achieve strong mechanical connection however
Use a temperature-controlled soldering station and quality solder. Take care not to leave solder bridges as any short circuit will most likely lead to failures


File type File name File size Last modified
Not available for this project. - - -

Design Files

File type File name File size Last modified
PCB layers v1.0 pcblayers_euprotcrd220_v100.pdf 259 kB 16/05/2022
Gerbers 220x100mm, 2 Layer FR4. v1.0 113 kB 16/05/2022
Solder paste stencil Not available for this project - -


Not available for this project.

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