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SIMM & SIPP RAM IC chips database

Welcome to my 600ish database of chips used in vintage 72 and 30 pin RAM modules. Most likely the most comprehensive database on internet :)
Database is regularly updated with new chips and modules, that I find on internet. I have most of the datasheets in my posession, so please don't hesitate to contact me should you need one.

Use this database with caution as not all data provided can be accurate. This database should be really handy for those who want to identify chips for their vintage computer or homebrew RAMs. I have mainly contained vintage SIMM and SIPP D RAM chips for FPM and EDO RAM computers 80286 - Pentium which cover era approx end of 1980's till about 1998.
Database is constantly updated, so don't be shy to come back in few weeks.

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Database contais

list of chips used in 30 and 72pin SIMM EDO / FPM RAM and 30pin SIPP RAM
list of RAM modules
manufacturer indentifier
use search to find your chip

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SIMM & SIPP RAM chips database

Last page update: 15 August 2022

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