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13 September 2021 - domain registered and running. Website is still work in progress.

Me projects


Eurocard DIN41612 prototyping board
Eurocard DIN41612 raiser extender 160mm
Eurocard DIN41612 raiser extender 220mm with test points and PCB guide
Backplane and bridge for Eurocards DIN41612 2 slot
Backplane for Eurocards DIN41612 4 slot
Backplane for Eurocards DIN41612 8 slot
Backplane for Eurocards DIN41612 10 slot
Backplane for Eurocards DIN41612 12 slot
Eurocard DIN41612 3U 2HP blanking plate front panel
Eurocard DIN41612 3U 4HP blanking plate front panel
Eurocard DIN41612 3U 4HP front panel with PCB hole
Eurocard DIN41612 3U 8HP blanking plate front panel
Eurocard DIN41612 3U 12HP blanking plate front panel
Eurocard DIN41612 3U 16HP blanking plate front panel
8-bit ISA Prototype Card
8-bit ISA Prototype Card ext
8-bit ISA Raiser Extender Card
Audio Speaker Dummy Load
Zilog Z80 Keychain SWAG
ON AIR PCB lightbox


Electromechanic Nixie Clock
Rubidium Frequency Standard FE5680A and lab distribution amplifier
Extron distributiton amplifier upgrade
GPS aerial external installation on house roof


Z80 CPU NOP Tester
Z80 CPU QFP44 to DIP40 adapter
Z80 CPU PLCC44 to DIP40 adapter
Z80 Keychain SWAG


Digital S/PDIF cable without false claims of high end manufactures
DIY acoustic panels
Media wall shelf
Printed acoustic panel in picture frame
Battery power supply (PSU) for hiFace Evo
CMOY pocket headphones amplifier
Cost no object DIY power amplifier Hypa 17
Pioneer HPM-100 speakers restoration
Pioneer HPM-150 speakers restoration
Pioneer HPM-700 speakers restoration
Pioneer CS-3X speakers restoration
Pioneer SX-850, SX-950, SX-1050, SX-1250 Receiver LED lights replacement
Pioneer PL-600 turntable restoration
Pioneer SG-9800 quick repair
Quad ESL 57 – Progress of restoration in pictures
Ultimate CD Pro2 Transport
Transcriptors Hydraulic Reference Turntable restoration
SME 3009 II Improved upgrade and restoration
DIY High end Isolation platform base – super heavy 47kg!
1000 $ Sounding audiophile highend RCA signal cable for 30 $ !!!
Vintage Pioneer CT-F1000 Stereo cassette deck Review & Demo
Pioneer SPEC, Blue series vintage complete system with Pioneer HPM-150
How to replace damaged speaker dust cups
Quick upgrade of Chinese power strip, now with backlight voltmeter
Premaplifier and Headphone Amplifier
Class D amplifier

Other projects

Lab LED lights
Video soft box
Summer house
House renovation
Single storey house extension


Sum random stuff here
Sum random stuff here

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